Caroline's of Carisbrook is situated in the town's first grocery store. The restaurant established in 1978 is owned and operated by Mike & Sally Turton, and family. Over the years they have collected a remarkable array of grocery and advertising memorabilia, bring back nostalgic memories for many.

Among Bucknall family circles it is said that Carisbrook was named after Caroline Bucknall. It was believed that Caroline often crossed the tiny brook at the end of the town giving it the name "Cari's Brook". It later became Carisbrook. Caroline has also been the inspiration behind one of Carisbrook's pride and joys - Caroline's Restaurant.

Restaurant Front

Situated appropriately in Bucknall Street, the Colonial-style restaurant has enjoyed a reputation as the pinnacle for fine dining in the region. It has been described in more than glowing terms by The Age and reviewed in numerous books on eating out in country restaurants. An old style verandah and a horse trough which has been converted into a flowed bed provide the first inklings at the restaurant's indefinable charm.

Restaurant Dining Area

Inside the dining area is a picture of old fashioned colonial taste and quality. The walls are covered with colonial style pictures and decorations. Above the fireplace is the head of a huge deer, which has aptly been named Oscar by Mike & Sally.

Apart from the decor, the main reason for being at Caroline's has always been the food. It has been described as an excellent, friendly, unpretentious little restaurant. The menu is comprehensive and varied - inventive and well devised for a country restaurant, providing choices for the adventurous and those who prefer something more traditional.

Confectionary and Gift Shop

Caroline's Confectionary and Gift Shop is open to the public during the week. The lolly shop has a colourful array of sweets and chocolates. The selection is mostly colonial, with boiled lollies, sherbert bombs, gob stoppers, lollypops, and other confectionary novelties.

The gift shop boasts a wide range of Australiana, collector teaspoons, greeting cards, soft toys, string puppets, educational wooden toys, fragrant and massage oils, jewelry, plus a range of gems and crystals.

The restaurant is open for dinner Friday to Saturday, and lunch on Sunday. Reservations are essential. The confectionary and gift shop is open Wednesday to Saturday from 10AM to 5PM.

Caroline's is ideal for that special occasion. The combination of fine food in a comfortable, relaxing, nostalgic setting is unbeatable.